Orduna is married to an abusive US Citizen. They lived together for 23 years. Orduna's husband kicked her out of their home around July of 2017. He maintained custody of their youngest son since that date. She was not allowed to visit him/pick him up. Orduna's husband left Texas recently and took their 15 year old son with him. They currently reside in New Jersey. Orduna wants to know what rights she has as a parent. She would also like to start divorce and child custody proceedings.

Extreme domestic violence victim, including kidnapping, torture, rape, stalking, over extended period of time. Secondary victimization, police not believing her or offering appropriate assistance. Victim was victimized in multiple counties. Victim lives in constant fear of the defendant. Victim needs help with permanent housing, disability re-establishment, mental health. Has history of homelessness and drug abuse (self medicating, when unable to get Mental Health meds). Is currently inpatient at Woodlands Spring Hospital. Is seeking to do an extended daily outpatient program with them.

Jennafer Johnson found that Edward Dale Johnson won a lawsuit and has money in an account. Edward Johnson is in prison for 20 years. She is seeking advice on how to access this account. She is seeking help with a divorce.