Braulio was physically abusive to Angela on 5/10/21, choking her and hitting her causing her front tooth to break in half.  They have 3 children and have been married for over 10 years.  Braulio did this while all the children were sleeping in the same room as Angela.

Defendant is charged criminally with disclosure or promotion of intimate visual material, victim also reported family violence, victim have videos of some of the violence. Defendant's attorney is disputing the protective order and victim would like legal representation to help her as she feels out of her element against the defense attorney. 


Victim is fearful defendant may be able to get out on bond soon. She is trying to move before then, may need help as her landlord is requesting proof of her victimization. I have sent her a 30 day notice to vacate, a copy of the conditions of bond that include no contact, and a copy of the indictment. Victim has an attorney helping with her divorce, but the attorney sent her to contact a court in Harris Co to file her own protective order, when she did that, she was told to go online to complete a toolkit. She is very confused about the process and needs help.

She is a victim of Assault of a Pregnant Woman. She had to move in with her mother in Huntsville in a 1 bedroom apartment with her 3 children. She needs counseling for her children who witnessed the violence along with help on housing. 

There are current sexual assault charges of a child against the defendant, Anthony Wiener. The case is going to be dismissed due to being unable to verify where the incident occurred. They cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the case happened within the state of Texas. The mother is currently filing for a divorce pro se; however she is concerned about the defendant getting visitation rights to the child.


Rachel  has stated Ronald Minter and her have been married for three years. She has a 9 year old son that has asthma. Victim has called police several times on Ronald. States that he has thrown hot coffee on her, thrown bleach on her, but has not reported these things to the police. The marriage has gotten worse the parties area still in same home but seperate rooms. No one wants to leave. Both parties work , but she has limited resources since he is over the monies.