Delmy Garcia Lopez was a victim of Domestic Violence and is suffering emotional distress as well as trauma from her time in immigrating to the United States. She has two children who also need counseling. 

Estela is a young adult client at GHIRP who has suffered a lot, she currently has an asylum case with the immigration office and is the derivative in a VAWA case (mom already got her VAWA based on DV). She and her partner gave $3,000 to her partner’s co-worker so he could buy them a car, but the person kept the money and did not give them a car.

Client seeks assistance in obtaining a divorce from her abuser. They share one child together (12 y/o). Applicant is currently living in a shelter with her daughter and has no personal belongings with her due to her abuser taking all of the keys to her home. Adverse party is bipolar and becomes abusive when off of medication.