Ms. Ashley M Hicks has fled her home in Liberty County. She is filing an assault charge for Family Abuse/Strangulation in that county. At this time, she has filed terroristic threats in Robertson County, where she fled. Her offender is the father of a 3yr old autistic boy. The boy was forcefully taken from her vehicle by the offender's mother. Will not let her have the child. 

Family is requesting assistance on obtaining custody of children of deceased victim. Mayra is the point of contact, she can be reached at 936-217-6015

Mrs. Garcia is in an abusive relationship. She has contacted the police to make a report about this. Currently her husband is on the run from the police. Also, she has received calls from him threating her. Would you please provide assistance with a protective order.

Thank you in advance. 

Hi, Mrs. Claros is requesting assistance with a protective order. She currently has a pending U-visa. Aggressor had been deported to El Salvador, but now he is back in the U.S. She is fearful, as he has liked her social media posts, requested following/friendship and has inquired about her to extended family members. 

Applicant would like assistance with both divorce and PO matters.  OP has filed for divorce in Hidalgo County where the parties lived and own property.  Applicant is currently in Brazoria county - two months - but wants to proceed in the Hidalgo County action as she plans to move back there.  

Parties have 5 children together.  1 adult child, 4 minor children.  OP SA three COM (two minors, one adult child) of the marriage.  Details to be relayed after confirmation of referral.  

Joint Custody between Herman Hopper and Amanda DeShayes. The parties have twin girls age 14. One of the girls are a victim of Sexual Assault. The assault occurred while in the custody of Amanda DeShayes. Herman Hopper removed children from bio-mothers home and girls have been living with father and step-mother. Father and step-mother is afraid that bio-mother will continue to allow the girls to be put in harms way. The only documentation that the parties have are Joint Custody papers.