Applicant would like assistance with both divorce and PO matters.  OP has filed for divorce in Hidalgo County where the parties lived and own property.  Applicant is currently in Brazoria county - two months - but wants to proceed in the Hidalgo County action as she plans to move back there.  

Parties have 5 children together.  1 adult child, 4 minor children.  OP SA three COM (two minors, one adult child) of the marriage.  Details to be relayed after confirmation of referral.  

Joint Custody between Herman Hopper and Amanda DeShayes. The parties have twin girls age 14. One of the girls are a victim of Sexual Assault. The assault occurred while in the custody of Amanda DeShayes. Herman Hopper removed children from bio-mothers home and girls have been living with father and step-mother. Father and step-mother is afraid that bio-mother will continue to allow the girls to be put in harms way. The only documentation that the parties have are Joint Custody papers. 

Domestic Violence victim wanting assistance with obtaining a PO.  States previous DV history but unreported.  Couple is married with one child.  Couple has been separated for about 2-3 years.  Victim recently made a police report regarding an assault but charges were declined by the DA's office.  There is not a current divorce or custody order.  Parties are following a verbal custody agreement between themselves.  Victim attempted to apply for a PO through the DA's office but was denied.  Per the DA's office there were previous filings for divorce in the county and even though nothing ever

Trafficking survivor had a child with her trafficker. She escaped and came to Houston, and the trafficker found lawyers to try to get custody of the child. Trafficker appeared to claim custody in New Jersey but initially police told him his paperwork didn't have legitimacy here. He now has hired lawyers here in Texas in order to get custody and they are trying to contact her. Client needs help with custody and probably a protective order.

Derrick Pelt  was arrested in August 2021 for Possession of drugs. Derrick had the children in the vehicle. The children to me. I no longer want to live this type of Life. I need a divorce, we have three kids. Over the years he has been mentally abuse me. I am afraid of him, he has a drug problem and his anger is escalating. 

Client would like to get assistance for a divorce, client has suffered abuse in the marriage.  Client has left the abusive situation and living with a friend

client is in need of legal assistance, for divorce and child custody.verbal and emotional abuse has occurred.minor is in volved