Client was assaulted by a former friend. Client made a police report about the assault and has been afraid to leave the house because the perpetrator continues to drive by his house threateningly, almost daily. Client is afraid for his own safety and the safety of his family.

This is not a domestic violence case.

Ashli is a victim of domestic violence.  There have been numerous violent incidents but the most recent was reported to the Brenham Police Department case number BRP21-02217.  Ashli lives in government housing, HUD housing.  She got a letter of eviction that she hasn't paid rent.  She has the money but they will not accept it.  She feels they are evicting her due to the cops being at her house from the incident and because Reginald has tried to come by to visit.  She stated she does not allow Reginald in the home, and she cannot control if he comes over or not.  She has told Reginald he is

Braulio was physically abusive to Angela on 5/10/21, choking her and hitting her causing her front tooth to break in half.  They have 3 children and have been married for over 10 years.  Braulio did this while all the children were sleeping in the same room as Angela.

She is a victim of Assault of a Pregnant Woman. She had to move in with her mother in Huntsville in a 1 bedroom apartment with her 3 children. She needs counseling for her children who witnessed the violence along with help on housing.