Client received a notice to vacate stating that she must be out in 30 days.  Landlord claims that client has not paid her rent for May.  Client says that she is paid up for May because she had a credit on her account from last time.  Client says that she paid more rent than required the last month and had a credit.  Client does not want to stay in this apartment, but right now she has no other place to go.  She eventually plans to leave but not until she has found another place.  Client is disabled.  She has severe PTSD, bipolar disorder, and depression from her past abuse.  Client was phys

Client is wanting to evict defendant. They got divorced back in 2011 and are now considered roommates. Defendant does not & will not leave the home.

Tenant, Ms. Alvarado Galo returned to her apartment February 11 and discovered locks were changed. She received no notice (nothing posted in writing nor did she receive any verbal notice) of intent to change locks. I, as her social services case manager, called apartment office with tenant Monday, February 14 to request a key and a statement of past due rent, explaining that I am working on rental assistance with her and proof of past due rent is necessary to apply for assistance. We spoke with Diana at apartment office who said she will talk to her manager about key request.

Original Petition in a suit affecting the Parent-Child Relationship-Termination Petition and/or Modification of Managing Conservator



Diocelina's apartment flooded on the middle of the night of October 25th morning of October 26th 2021. She had to clean it herself and be without water all day on October 26th. Apartment complex representatives refused to allow her to stay in a hotel while her apartment was getting dried, telling her that if she did, the apartments would not reimburse at the same time she was without water. The apartment has yet to be fixed or cleaned properly after being flooded with a significant amount of water and the original reason the apartment flooded has not been properly fixed as of 11/08/2021.

There are Indecency with a Child charges on this defendant. He was turned off the water to the property where the mother lives with the two children. They are protected under an EPO at that address. The water company will not turn the water back on for them.

She is a victim of Assault of a Pregnant Woman. She had to move in with her mother in Huntsville in a 1 bedroom apartment with her 3 children. She needs counseling for her children who witnessed the violence along with help on housing. 

Defendant is charged with theft of $17K from an elderly victim. She gave the defendant her entire savings to be able to provide her a cover for her well water. Since he stole the money and did not complete the job instead, she is unable to pay someone else to provide the needed construction. She is in constant fear of something happening to her well and her being without water on her property. If there are any programs available to her to assist her in getting the needed well constructions completed please contact her.

Client was assaulted by someone who lives in her apartment complex. Client is being evicted from the complex because of the incident. They were told they had to be moved out 10 days from 2/6. Client has a two year old. Client does not think it is right for her to be evicted when she was the one who has been assaulted. Client is looking for legal advice on this eviction.