Shedrick Adams and Samantha Anderson have two children together. Serenity Adams who is 3 years old and 6 month old Shedrick Adams, Jr. The parents have never been married and no documents filed in the District Clerks Officer. The parents are now living seperate locations.  The mother has been in and out of jail. Charges have been theft and drugs. The mother has been in and out of mental facility. The father is wanting to get custody of children. Mother has two other children and those children have been removed from her by Cps.

Hey so this lady named Nora Piedra called re: a case involving her daughter. She said that her daughter was a victim and and older boy was the perp. She said she's been talking to Lupe at CSH but she feeling like it's taking a long time and she hasn't heard anything (I did tell her those things are a process but she should talk to you to get more info). I assume you may be able to help her or at least point her in the right direction because she speaks Spanish so it will either be you or Amy either way. I will email you her number maybe someone can reach out to her.