Ms. Ashley M Hicks has fled her home in Liberty County. She is filing an assault charge for Family Abuse/Strangulation in that county. At this time, she has filed terroristic threats in Robertson County, where she fled. Her offender is the father of a 3yr old autistic boy. The boy was forcefully taken from her vehicle by the offender's mother. Will not let her have the child. 

The client is a victim of domestic violence, the most recent incident occurring December 16, 2020. Since that time an emergency protective order and bond conditions have prevented contact between the adverse party (her husband), the client and their two boys. She works but does not have the means to hire an attorney. She also is caretaker for her dad who has dementia and other health issues. She has shared with me that there is a long history of domestic violence going back approximately 12 years, and prior to this incident she was contemplating divorce.

I was contacted yesterday by a woman I have known for many years. She has been a domestic violence victim in the past and a victim of the criminal justice system as well. She is finally trying to break free from him after about 20 years. They are not currently living together and she recently filed with the AG’s office for child support. He has said in the past that he would rather relinquish his parental rights than to pay child support. She’s working two jobs to try to make ends meet for her and her kids.

The mother of the child expressed to the paternal grandmother that she cannot care for the child and wants the father to have custody, although, he is not on the birth certificate. Javier voluntarily submitted to an online DNA test and says that he is the confirmed biological father.