Client is victim of domestic violence. In December 2023, she contacted police after husband beat her. Police did not make an arrest and abuser returned. She fled with her children to a women's shelter in Beaumont. Victim blocked abuser on her cell phone, but he has tried calling her. Please assist with emergency protective order. 

Sarena is the victim in a case that was dismissed against her dad today.  The original charge was AFV impede breath.  She no longer has bond conditions or a protective order in place.  She has already tried for a protective order once but was thrown out.  The other major issue is the land she lives on.  It is deeded to an aunt, but the aunt doesn't live there.  She was given permission by the aunt to live there but fighting with her dad\defendant over the property.  Sarena's mom died due to overdose when Sarena was very young.  Dad and his girlfriend have continued to cheat the system in an

Elena has two children from prior relationship. She came to the United States in or about 2017, got married to a U.S. citizen. She had to go back to Russia for family emergency. Left her children with her husband as they had to authorization from USCIS to leave the country. During this period the husband raped her 10-year-old daughter. There is a police report. She needs assistance with everything she can get. Divorce, Spousal Support, Restraining Order. 

Brenda Quiroz was a victim of Child Sexual Assault. Mother Dilcia Rubio got in contact with me letting me know she wants to find counseling for her daughter and her entire family because the trauma has been affecting them individually and as a family. Specifically Brenda who is dealing with the aftermath of the assault. 

They cannot afford counseling and asked me to help them find free counseling services. 

Delmy Garcia Lopez was a victim of Domestic Violence and is suffering emotional distress as well as trauma from her time in immigrating to the United States. She has two children who also need counseling. 

Client is in need of counseling servies, she was a victim of DV by adverse party. adverse party is also charged with continuous sexual abuse of their child and clinet also wants counseling to be able to handle this matter and help daughter. 

Ms. Ashley M Hicks has fled her home in Liberty County. She is filing an assault charge for Family Abuse/Strangulation in that county. At this time, she has filed terroristic threats in Robertson County, where she fled. Her offender is the father of a 3yr old autistic boy. The boy was forcefully taken from her vehicle by the offender's mother. Will not let her have the child.