CW is wanting legal representation for child custody. CW is also wanting a protective order. Defendant is charged with AFV. She continues to contact CW by using fake #'s. CW lives in Bryan but was advised that he would have to get a PO in Montgomery County. Not sure who informed him of that.

Applicant would like assistance with an immigration/U-Visa matter. She is VAWA eligible. Applicant is a victim of sexual assault and domestic violence. She lived in Bryan, Texas with her husband but has since fled to Austin.
Applicant does not speak English - She speaks Arabic only.

There is a history of domestic in this relationship. Victim is currently living with her sister and has been unable to retrieve her personal belongings from the marital home, including her car keys and cell phone. He recently got into her car and took her debit card, car registration and some cash. Not only has he been abusive to her, he has physically abused her cat. He is also sending messages to her, threatening that the only way she can get her belongings is to meet with him and sign divorce papers that he supposedly has drawn up.