Braulio was physically abusive to Angela on 5/10/21, choking her and hitting her causing her front tooth to break in half.  They have 3 children and have been married for over 10 years.  Braulio did this while all the children were sleeping in the same room as Angela.

Adverse Party has been arrested on 3/7/21 for Felony Injury to a Child.  Client has two children, one with Adverse party.  An Emergency Protective Order has been issued and Client has been informed by Adverse party's mother that Adverse party is filing to get the EPO amended.  Client has never been through anything like this before and has no idea what this all means.   

Adverse party is indicted on felony injury to a child.  The case is pending in District court.  Client is indigent and needing assistance with child support, stimulus, etc. 

Maria needs legal assistance including but not limited to family law matters, a permanent protective order, and advice regarding the legal system. Additional information on programs such as address confidentiality and crime victim rights information. We discussed them, but she might want additional information.

Extreme domestic violence victim, including kidnapping, torture, rape, stalking, over extended period of time. Secondary victimization, police not believing her or offering appropriate assistance. Victim was victimized in multiple counties. Victim lives in constant fear of the defendant. Victim needs help with permanent housing, disability re-establishment, mental health. Has history of homelessness and drug abuse (self medicating, when unable to get Mental Health meds). Is currently inpatient at Woodlands Spring Hospital. Is seeking to do an extended daily outpatient program with them.