PNC came to shelter seeking assistance for a protective order. PNC is immigrant from Saudi Arabia and of Indian nationality. Came to the US after an arranged marriage between her parents and husbands parents. Soon after moving into parent-in-laws w/ husband who works here, husband raped PNC. Husband also has possession and control of her immigration documents. PNC is separated and not living in same house as of last update. 

Family is requesting assistance on obtaining custody of children of deceased victim. Mayra is the point of contact, she can be reached at 936-217-6015

Client needs a restraining order and safety plan for her ex common law spouse who is threatening her with making false accusations to the police that she is a prostitute (ex spouse is working at a cantina or cantina-like business). She is afraid that a police report, even a falsely made one, will harm her attempt to maintain DACA status. He harasses her with these threats.

Client was assaulted by a former friend. Client made a police report about the assault and has been afraid to leave the house because the perpetrator continues to drive by his house threateningly, almost daily. Client is afraid for his own safety and the safety of his family.

This is not a domestic violence case.

The client is the mother of a victim of continuous sexual abuse (adverse party is bio father of the victim, and husband of Client) Client would like help with divorce and child custody from adverse party. 

Mitchell was a victim of Aggravated Assault- Threaten with a deadly weapon where he had a loaded gun pointed at his head- he was able to slap it away. The gun went off in the process and his friend was killed. He is needing grief counseling.

Victim reported AFV - resulted in a DWI as D drove from the scene intoxicated. Victim is VERY fearful. They have a daughter together. CW needs support services for counseling, needs legal resources for what her rights are to protect herself. She needs safety planning for custody arrangements and potentially child custody assistance.