CW is a victim of Aggravated Sexual Assault and Assault with a Deadly weapon. She is a Spanish speaker and needing assistance with U-Visa information and I think counseling might help her. She has been given a victim impact statement and cvc packet. She may need assistance in filling them out. I have given her extra resources, but this she would be open to someone reaching out to her for help. She also responds to email if she does not answer her phone- 


2nd time to be offended by her husband. CPS is involved with children's temporary removal from domestic violence in the home Ms. Aerial Marie Davis would like to proceed with a divorce. funding is not available. Ms. Aerial Davis is seeking a bond modification. Only for the ability to communicate with Mr. Brent Davies. Banking and vehicles are in both names.   

Ms. Ashley M Hicks has fled her home in Liberty County. She is filing an assault charge for Family Abuse/Strangulation in that county. At this time, she has filed terroristic threats in Robertson County, where she fled. Her offender is the father of a 3yr old autistic boy. The boy was forcefully taken from her vehicle by the offender's mother. Will not let her have the child. 

I am searching for counseling services for a client who is a domestic violence and sexual assault survivor struggling with her mental health. She has recently expressed suicidal thoughts. She has been hesitant to engage with mental health services and has a lot of difficulty with trust due to her trauma and not being believed in the past, however, she is willing to seek therapy now and requested a therapist who has experience working with DV/SA survivors. Thank you!