Client has an approved VAWA I-360 (and a conditionally approved U visa) based on DV/SA from LPR husband. Her priority date is current and she's eligible for VAWA adjustment. She moved out of our service area and now lives in Dallas.

Client states she wants to adjust her status but she is afraid she isn't going to be able to do so. When she applied for her residency she stated she was divorced. Client stated INS flagged her for dishonesty because they found out she was not officially divorced. Client didn't know she wasn't officially divorced because her attorney failed to communicate with her. Client stated she just found out her attorney failed to finalize the divorce. Client doesn't have a criminal record. Client separated with adverse party due to domestic violence.

Client is seeking to adjust her immigration status from TPS to U-Visa. Client and her son were victims of an assault while trying to get money from an ATM. Client was attacked by 3 robbers and shot at 3 times. Police were able to identify and apprehend one of the robbers with the help of the Client. Spanish speaking.