Assaulted , harassing and threatening for over a year. Text messages and messaging on Social Media. The Assault has gotten extreme. She will come by house and she will hollar out the window calling me very ugly names. States that she wants to beat me up. She has had an affair with my husband. I have three children and I cannot allow my children to see all of this . I'm afraid that she will hurt me .

Defendant has trespassed on CW's property multiple times, has showed up to CW's job, and has made threats towards CW. Defendant trespassed and damaged CW property twice this morning. D was arrested at the second incident. D used to date CW's fiancé. CW is wanting a restraining order against adverse party to protect her family.

Client was assaulted by someone who lives in her apartment complex. Client is being evicted from the complex because of the incident. They were told they had to be moved out 10 days from 2/6. Client has a two year old. Client does not think it is right for her to be evicted when she was the one who has been assaulted. Client is looking for legal advice on this eviction.

Defendant is CW's fiance's mom. Defendant came to CW house and pointed a gun at her. CW is fearful and wanting protection from future mother in law. CW recently found out she is pregnant so she is also fearful for her little one.

D is on deferred adjudication for harassment. CW has recently reached out to us letting us know that D has been trying to reach her by phone and using different names. CW wants a protective order or restraining order against D.

Client is needing representation or legal advice for a hearing that she has this upcoming Tuesday for a eviction. Defendant evicted client from home, asked her to come back & has screenshots of this, and is now trying to evict her again after the arrest that occurred. Client has not been able to leave the home. He has her keys and refuses to give them back. She has been trying to apply for apartments but have been denied due to the past eviction.

Client & defendant are former friends & neighbors. Client is fearful that defendant will retaliate. Client is in fear of her property. Client is looking to get an restraining order.

Client has recently filed for divorce against adverse party. They are currently living together, but staying on separate floors. Client wants him to leave home, but he will not. When speaking to her about the option of a Protective Order, she was unsure if she wanted to go that route because of the children. She is the main custodial parent of two boys. Client is wanting advice on how to can get adverse party to leave the home.

Defendant has picked up harassment charge. Client and defendant relationship is that both of their children went to the same school. Defendant has been harassing client due to an incident that occurred between their children. Clients wants to protect himself and his family.