Joint Custody between Herman Hopper and Amanda DeShayes. The parties have twin girls age 14. One of the girls are a victim of Sexual Assault. The assault occurred while in the custody of Amanda DeShayes. Herman Hopper removed children from bio-mothers home and girls have been living with father and step-mother. Father and step-mother is afraid that bio-mother will continue to allow the girls to be put in harms way. The only documentation that the parties have are Joint Custody papers. 

Derrick Pelt  was arrested in August 2021 for Possession of drugs. Derrick had the children in the vehicle. The children to me. I no longer want to live this type of Life. I need a divorce, we have three kids. Over the years he has been mentally abuse me. I am afraid of him, he has a drug problem and his anger is escalating. 

Brianna is married to Cory . They have three children together. They are no longer living in the house together. Brianna does not have a job. Cory is the only one working. The children are with mom. Mom is afraid that dad will take kids and not let her have them back. She does not trust him. She believes he is over medicated . She does not want the kids to be alone with him.

Original Petition in a suit affecting the Parent-Child Relationship-Termination Petition and/or Modification of Managing Conservator



Assaulted , harassing and threatening for over a year. Text messages and messaging on Social Media. The Assault has gotten extreme. She will come by house and she will hollar out the window calling me very ugly names. States that she wants to beat me up. She has had an affair with my husband. I have three children and I cannot allow my children to see all of this . I'm afraid that she will hurt me .

Suspected exploitation of my mother's finance by her friend. Living conditions are horrible due to the amount of animals that are in the home. Everytime I talk with my mother they have gotten a new animal or one of many cats has had more kittens. Mom has had 5 mini strokes since September 2020. She also has a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder but refuses to take medication. 

Rachel  has stated Ronald Minter and her have been married for three years. She has a 9 year old son that has asthma. Victim has called police several times on Ronald. States that he has thrown hot coffee on her, thrown bleach on her, but has not reported these things to the police. The marriage has gotten worse the parties area still in same home but seperate rooms. No one wants to leave. Both parties work , but she has limited resources since he is over the monies.

Shedrick Adams and Samantha Anderson have two children together. Serenity Adams who is 3 years old and 6 month old Shedrick Adams, Jr. The parents have never been married and no documents filed in the District Clerks Officer. The parents are now living seperate locations.  The mother has been in and out of jail. Charges have been theft and drugs. The mother has been in and out of mental facility. The father is wanting to get custody of children. Mother has two other children and those children have been removed from her by Cps.