AFV victim- Defendant is brother. Lived on same property. Family kicked him out of home and changed locks, unable to get his belongings. Is living in his car with his wife. He stated he is terrified to go back to the home/property. Stated he has been denied CAC, St Vincent and Salvation army (I'm not sure why). He stated his Social Security claim was also denied and he has Parkinson's Disease. He would like assistance with an appeal.  They also need assistance with CVC, as without a residence they cannot receive the documents mailed to them by CVC.

The client is the mother of 6 children who were abused by the Adverse party. Multiple charges have been filed. The client is wanting to relinquish dad's rights, she also stated that the adverse party continues to get a disability check from one of the children, who she is caring for. She also stated that the adverse party received the stimulus check and he does not have the children. The client is relocating and was at the women's shelter with all 6 children recently.