Arrived in the US as a visitor in 2013 and overstayed at age of 17. Now has 3 USC children ranging in age from 1-4 years. Father of the children was arrested in 2020 for family violence assault. Her ex took a plea and was sentenced to 5 years probation.

Client initially contacted LSLA for help removing OP from the title of the mobile home they purchased after OP was arrested for sexually abusing Cl's children.

Client and OP never married but have been in a romantic relationship and lived together for 5 years. They have no children together. Cl has two minor children from a prior relationship. OP - Sifuentes was arrested 5/21/2021 for indecency with a child where Cl's two children were the victims. Confirmed OP is being held in Navarro County jail on $300k bond and ICE hold.