Applicant seeking PO/Divorce/SAPCR. Applicant resides in Galveston County. Respondent is in Hardin County. Physical, sexual, and emotional DV present in the relationship. 

Dad (Jeff) has questions and would like some help on trying to obtain full custody of his daughter. Mother (Kaylynn) was dating defendant, defendant abused child and new that Defendant was a sex offender. Mother did not tell Dad and had to find out about it on his own. Dad does not believe mother protective and has reason to believe that Mother still sees Defendant. Judge denied a GPS and only Bond Conditions are in place. Dad is concern that if daughter goes to Mothers house, mother would not be protective and let Defendant around.

Client is seeking assistance in obtaining sole custody with supervised visitation for her 3 children. Last abuse was 9/2019 when adverse party threatened to kill client. There is currently a protective order in place that includes the children There has been history of DV prior to the last incident.