I am searching for counseling services for a client who is a domestic violence and sexual assault survivor struggling with her mental health. She has recently expressed suicidal thoughts. She has been hesitant to engage with mental health services and has a lot of difficulty with trust due to her trauma and not being believed in the past, however, she is willing to seek therapy now and requested a therapist who has experience working with DV/SA survivors. Thank you!

Victim of Domestic Violence and has 4 children. MO is unable to live in her home and must stay with friends and relatives. AP is still in the home, and MO is paying the household bills. AP is also threatening MO via text message. 

Mitchell was a victim of Aggravated Assault- Threaten with a deadly weapon where he had a loaded gun pointed at his head- he was able to slap it away. The gun went off in the process and his friend was killed. He is needing grief counseling.