Joint Custody between Herman Hopper and Amanda DeShayes. The parties have twin girls age 14. One of the girls are a victim of Sexual Assault. The assault occurred while in the custody of Amanda DeShayes. Herman Hopper removed children from bio-mothers home and girls have been living with father and step-mother. Father and step-mother is afraid that bio-mother will continue to allow the girls to be put in harms way. The only documentation that the parties have are Joint Custody papers. 

client requesting as a grandparent visitation rights.client sttd step father of grandson is physically abusing child.verbal an emotional.

client is requesting modification on visitation .abuser stalking her and not been responsible for the 2kids when they go with him.physical and verbal/emotional abuse occurred in the past

Defendant is in jail, indicted on charges of Indecency with a Child Sexual Contact.  The victim's mother is needing legal assistance for a possible divorce, or what to do if they do not divorce. 

Client has some concerns regarding a CPS case with her step daughter and son.