Ms. Ashley Hummel has 4 children with Mr. Marcus Gandy. Mr. Marcus Gandy wants Ms. Ashley Hummel to take the children and leave. She does not have a job. But is very capable of working. Needs support from father to help to move and relocate. He has a very good job.  Extremely controlling with money even for groceries for food. Even though Mr. Marcus Gandy wants her to leave he has disabled a vehicle.  Very cruel emotional situations. 

Assaulted , harassing and threatening for over a year. Text messages and messaging on Social Media. The Assault has gotten extreme. She will come by house and she will hollar out the window calling me very ugly names. States that she wants to beat me up. She has had an affair with my husband. I have three children and I cannot allow my children to see all of this . I'm afraid that she will hurt me .

Mitchell was a victim of Aggravated Assault- Threaten with a deadly weapon where he had a loaded gun pointed at his head- he was able to slap it away. The gun went off in the process and his friend was killed. He is needing grief counseling.

The victim was abused at the age of 4 by the adverse party. The victim is now 7 she was having a hard time having to talk about abuse and testify in the trial. The case was pleaded to a poss of child porn due to images found in his phone. The charge does not qualify for a Lifetime protective order so our office was not able to obtain it. The victim's mother (Kathy) is wanting help obtaining a PO for her daughter. Defendant has made threats in the past that were reported by his defense attorney - bond was revoked at that time.