Family is requesting assistance on obtaining custody of children of deceased victim. Mayra is the point of contact, she can be reached at 936-217-6015

AFV victim- Defendant is brother. Lived on same property. Family kicked him out of home and changed locks, unable to get his belongings. Is living in his car with his wife. He stated he is terrified to go back to the home/property. Stated he has been denied CAC, St Vincent and Salvation army (I'm not sure why). He stated his Social Security claim was also denied and he has Parkinson's Disease. He would like assistance with an appeal.  They also need assistance with CVC, as without a residence they cannot receive the documents mailed to them by CVC.

Derrick Pelt  was arrested in August 2021 for Possession of drugs. Derrick had the children in the vehicle. The children to me. I no longer want to live this type of Life. I need a divorce, we have three kids. Over the years he has been mentally abuse me. I am afraid of him, he has a drug problem and his anger is escalating. 

Client was assaulted by a former friend. Client made a police report about the assault and has been afraid to leave the house because the perpetrator continues to drive by his house threateningly, almost daily. Client is afraid for his own safety and the safety of his family.

This is not a domestic violence case.

Murder case. Victim had wife and 2 biological children and 2 children he was helping wife to raise. They need assistance filing for Social Security survivor benefits. Also, they have not been receiving the stimulus payments from the IRS or the child tax credit payments. It is believed by the family that the father of the deceased has been intercepting these payments. Wife needs help making sure she receives future payments and any recourse she has for the intercepted payments. Spanish speaking family.

She is a victim of Assault of a Pregnant Woman. She had to move in with her mother in Huntsville in a 1 bedroom apartment with her 3 children. She needs counseling for her children who witnessed the violence along with help on housing.