Seeking protective order. The case is already filed and a hearing is set for 6/16/22 in 410th. Respondent retained counsel and the Client needs assistance. Respondent has been physically abusive with the client, including recent threats to kill and previously holding a gun to her head. 

Applicant seeking assistance with SAPCR in Montgomrey County. DV in relationship with last incident involving a threat to end applicant's life. Applicant is in emergency shelter. Adverse party filed SAPCR. Current temporary orders hearing on 4/20 but Applicant intends to seek a continuance in case so she can find an attorney. Parties have not attended mediation. 

Mother of the victim is having trouble with finding affordable housing. She currently does not qualify for most services as the defendants income is being considered but they are not together and the defendant is no longer providing support to her or their children. Rachel needs assistance with filing for child support and the defendant fraudulently filed taxes on their children this year taking all of the money for himself. Any legal assistance in this matter is requested. Family could benefit from counseling services also.