CW is a victim of Aggravated Sexual Assault and Assault with a Deadly weapon. She is a Spanish speaker and needing assistance with U-Visa information and I think counseling might help her. She has been given a victim impact statement and cvc packet. She may need assistance in filling them out. I have given her extra resources, but this she would be open to someone reaching out to her for help. She also responds to email if she does not answer her phone- 


Victim is in need of a trauma counselor or assistance in any way. She is very scared of defendant and where she is living now. She believes that defendant is stalking her and has full control of her. Says if they are not able 

She is Spanish speaking and a victim of Assault Family Violence. Adverse Party is the defendant. She called our office asking for an update. I let her know that defendant  did accept an offer today. She was very audibly upset and angry with the outcome. Does not want Defendant near her house or her kids. I do know she is filing for a divorce. I tried to explain options to help her such as protective orders and she became more upset and hung up. 

She is needed help with obtaining a divorce. She has a temporary protective order, and we have the final hearing set on Monday March 25, 2024. I can send it once we are done on Monday.