Maire E Manning has been on-going abusive marriage. She and her husband are separated. Have 3 children togehter.  They have been separated for a while now. She does not have child support. Has filled out an online form for divorce. It does not provide for children custody or child support. Mr.Devlin has a good job, and could possibly provide insurance and child support. Ms. Maire E Manning is afraid of Mr.

Victim filed police report in September following a domestic violence event in which charges were filed. Victim was harassed and threatened by the aggressor's family that she she was compelled to request the charges be dropped. She is now being threatened by the aggressor about immigration asking that she pay him $6,000 to continue with the current petition.  She is also in possession of an expensive watch estimated to cost $10,000 according to the victim that was gifted to her and he now wants back.

Victim was evicted from home at time of defendant's arrest, she has been living in her vehicle, but is now behind on vehicle payments and is afraid she will lose her vehicle and be unable to get to work and have no place to live. Victim was approved for food stamps but has to wait 30 days and does not have food. She was referred to a food bank but they did not have much to give her at that time.

Defendant is charged with theft of $17K from an elderly victim. She gave the defendant her entire savings to be able to provide her a cover for her well water. Since he stole the money and did not complete the job instead, she is unable to pay someone else to provide the needed construction. She is in constant fear of something happening to her well and her being without water on her property. If there are any programs available to her to assist her in getting the needed well constructions completed please contact her.