Victim filed divorce pro se in 2019; no child custody arrangements were attached. Victim is needing assistance in re-opening divorce case to file arrangements for the children. 

Client is a victim of domestic violence and would like assistance obtaining legal aid for divorce with children. Client's husband was verbally and physically abusive towards the client. Client's husband is currently incarcerated at Polk County Jail for his 6th DUI offense; he has been incarcerated for 3 years. The client has two children with her husband, ages 2 and 4. 

The children of the adverse party were in the adverse party's care in 2015. The adverse party left town and left the children in the care of friends. The children were sexually assaulted by one of the friends. The children's aunt then took the children to the hospital and then a child advocacy center. Since the assault, the children have been in care of the applicant. The applicant would like to file for custody of the children, in case the adverse party ever tries to take the children back. The applicant and her family do not feel that the children are safe with the adverse party.