PNC came to shelter seeking assistance for a protective order. PNC is immigrant from Saudi Arabia and of Indian nationality. Came to the US after an arranged marriage between her parents and husbands parents. Soon after moving into parent-in-laws w/ husband who works here, husband raped PNC. Husband also has possession and control of her immigration documents. PNC is separated and not living in same house as of last update. 

Victim filed police report in September following a domestic violence event in which charges were filed. Victim was harassed and threatened by the aggressor's family that she she was compelled to request the charges be dropped. She is now being threatened by the aggressor about immigration asking that she pay him $6,000 to continue with the current petition.  She is also in possession of an expensive watch estimated to cost $10,000 according to the victim that was gifted to her and he now wants back.

Client got married in Iowa State and his partner has abused him, would like to know if he qualifies for VAWA, It's a gay marriage.

Client is undocumented. She is from Honduras. Client came here she states as a minor on a tourist visa.  She states she traveled w/her aunt.  Client states they flew from Honduras on 11/5/2015; flew into Miami, then flew to Chicago and then flew to NY. In NY they took a bus to NJ where they had relatives and stayed there a bit then took a bus to Houston where she remained w/aunt until she met AP.

Client is a victim of domestic violence, her husband had originally filed an I-360 for her and her son. She is no longer with him due to the abuse and filed VAWA on her own. Needs representation with her VAWA case.