Braulio was physically abusive to Angela on 5/10/21, choking her and hitting her causing her front tooth to break in half.  They have 3 children and have been married for over 10 years.  Braulio did this while all the children were sleeping in the same room as Angela.

Applicant is wanting to file for full custody of her son. The adverse party was physically and emotionally abusive towards the applicant, so the applicant does not feel safe leaving the child in his care. 

The client is seeking family law services, specifically child custody help. The victim was 3 years old at the time,  adverse party charged with Agg sexual assault of a child. 

The client is a victim of domestic violence, the most recent incident occurring December 16, 2020. Since that time an emergency protective order and bond conditions have prevented contact between the adverse party (her husband), the client and their two boys. She works but does not have the means to hire an attorney. She also is caretaker for her dad who has dementia and other health issues. She has shared with me that there is a long history of domestic violence going back approximately 12 years, and prior to this incident she was contemplating divorce.