Ms. Esquivel reported being physically assaulted by her child's father/fiancé, Mr. Garcia. Parties share a 20-month-old daughter who Mr. Garcia also forcibly grabbed when he assaulted Ms. Esquivel back on 12/8/23. The couple have been together for approximately four years. The victim also has a six-year-old son from a previous relationship.

Opposing party has filed in Harris County pro se. A lot of verbal, financial, and mental abuse over course of the marriage. Opposing party would not let her get a driver's license or a job. Separated in February of 2023. She hasn't had possession of children since then. Visits are on his terms. Is looking for SPO and make-up time. Client has been given forms to file pro-se and a letter certifying her eligibility for services. 

Mom has an active protective order against her ex-boyfriend.  It only applies to her not to her children.  Her ex was in Port Arthur when the protective order was issued in September of 2023.  He has not had any contact with the children since she left him in 2021.  He recently violated the PO and began threatening her and made attempts to contact her family.  Based on the communications it may be that he has returned to Montgomery County.  She is now worried that he may try to take the boys who are both under the age of 5.

Mom needs a SAPCR order for her 7 year old daughter.  No current order in place.  Her ex has had her daughter since October and she has had no contact with her. Currently, dad and daughter are in Waller county and Mom is in Liberty county.  The dad has an extensive criminal background and may be facing current criminal charges. 

Client is victim of domestic violence. In December 2023, she contacted police after husband beat her. Police did not make an arrest and abuser returned. She fled with her children to a women's shelter in Beaumont. Victim blocked abuser on her cell phone, but he has tried calling her. Please assist with emergency protective order. 

The mom's husband filed for divorce in San Jacinto County in May 2023. In August, She filed a report with CPS against her husband after her son told her about some behavior he witnessed involving his dad and possibly the sister.  The children's ages are 6, 4, and 3. Client has already attempted to hire an attorney in August, but that attorney has not completed any work on the case and refuses to refund her money. Currently, her husband has the children and refuses to return them until after the new year. She needs a Spanish speaking attorney to assist her.  

Rosa was a victim of DV perpetrated by Emiliano. He currently has full custody of her son Emiliano Jr. and she would like to fight for full custody for her son and look into options for child support. 

Her son lives with her because her son does not wish to go back with dad.