Mr. McCain and Ms. Graves have two children together. Hostile relationship/ Family Violence. Protective Order is in placed on Ms. Graves only. McCain has another P.O. with another lady. McCain is currently in jail on a Violation of Protective Order. McCain has pending criminal charges, he has avoided service from Attorney General for the support of his children.

Client (Maria G. Vasquez Bolanos) has an existing child support/custody order with the father of her children, Jorge Guzman. Father has weekend visitations at his own home. Minor son has disclosed to mom that Mr. Guzman's girlfriend has sexually abused him. Client/Mom seeks to alter custody arrangements for supervised or limited visitation or seek termination of father's parental rights.

Nancy Garcia is a former trafficking victim who has a son with her trafficker. She is seeking to get full custody of her son as he is not active on his life. 

The client is the mother of 6 children who were abused by the Adverse party. Multiple charges have been filed. The client is wanting to relinquish dad's rights, she also stated that the adverse party continues to get a disability check from one of the children, who she is caring for. She also stated that the adverse party received the stimulus check and he does not have the children. The client is relocating and was at the women's shelter with all 6 children recently.