Victim of domestic violence by husband. They are no longer living together, but husband stalks her and texts her all night. Victim would like assistance with divorce and protective order. 

2nd time to be offended by her husband. CPS is involved with children's temporary removal from domestic violence in the home Ms. Aerial Marie Davis would like to proceed with a divorce. funding is not available. Ms. Aerial Davis is seeking a bond modification. Only for the ability to communicate with Mr. Brent Davies. Banking and vehicles are in both names.   

Victim is in need of a trauma counselor or assistance in any way. She is very scared of defendant and where she is living now. She believes that defendant is stalking her and has full control of her. Says if they are not able 

She is needed help with obtaining a divorce. She has a temporary protective order, and we have the final hearing set on Monday March 25, 2024. I can send it once we are done on Monday. 

On 01/30/24, Spanish speaking victim reported that her husband had sexually and physically assaulted her. Victim added there was a history of unreported domestic violence. The suspect was arrested and charged with Continuous Family Violence, Harris County Cause #185372401010.  The victim stated she is in need of a divorce and child custody order. The victim was granted an emergency protection order but she would like assistance filing for a civil protection order.

Candace Jones is a victim of a pending criminal charge of Agg. Assault with a deadly weapon. My office has helped her obtain a 2 year protective order. I know she would like for the custody orders to follow the protective order.  

Opposing party has filed in Harris County pro se. A lot of verbal, financial, and mental abuse over course of the marriage. Opposing party would not let her get a driver's license or a job. Separated in February of 2023. She hasn't had possession of children since then. Visits are on his terms. Is looking for SPO and make-up time. Client has been given forms to file pro-se and a letter certifying her eligibility for services. 

The mom's husband filed for divorce in San Jacinto County in May 2023. In August, She filed a report with CPS against her husband after her son told her about some behavior he witnessed involving his dad and possibly the sister.  The children's ages are 6, 4, and 3. Client has already attempted to hire an attorney in August, but that attorney has not completed any work on the case and refuses to refund her money. Currently, her husband has the children and refuses to return them until after the new year. She needs a Spanish speaking attorney to assist her.