Maire E Manning has been on-going abusive marriage. She and her husband are separated. Have 3 children togehter.  They have been separated for a while now. She does not have child support. Has filled out an online form for divorce. It does not provide for children custody or child support. Mr.Devlin has a good job, and could possibly provide insurance and child support. Ms. Maire E Manning is afraid of Mr.

Ms. Ashley Hummel has 4 children with Mr. Marcus Gandy. Mr. Marcus Gandy wants Ms. Ashley Hummel to take the children and leave. She does not have a job. But is very capable of working. Needs support from father to help to move and relocate. He has a very good job.  Extremely controlling with money even for groceries for food. Even though Mr. Marcus Gandy wants her to leave he has disabled a vehicle.  Very cruel emotional situations.