Sarena is the victim in a case that was dismissed against her dad today.  The original charge was AFV impede breath.  She no longer has bond conditions or a protective order in place.  She has already tried for a protective order once but was thrown out.  The other major issue is the land she lives on.  It is deeded to an aunt, but the aunt doesn't live there.  She was given permission by the aunt to live there but fighting with her dad\defendant over the property.  Sarena's mom died due to overdose when Sarena was very young.  Dad and his girlfriend have continued to cheat the system in an

Victim stated that defendant’s mother filed victim and defendant’s tax return as married, filing jointly. They are, however, not married. They were engaged to be married but the wedding was postponed. The victim was using a car that D had purchased for her to use. She’d like to know what legal rights she has to the car, as well as property that was left in the rental home that she and D both resided in.

The victim in this case is very young, Relay, his grandparents have been my main point of contact. They're needing assistance with the eviction process and also with protective order questions. Defendant is the father of the victim and has an extensive criminal history.  The victim had his eye socket fractured from this assault. He lives with his grandparents. 

Mr. Est was assaulted by his roommate. That was somehow missed in the booking process so he was not granted an emergency protective order. He is concerned about he and his wife's safety due to their age and the defendant being significantly younger than them. The defendant has pled and sentenced to 45 days in the Montgomery County jail. He does not have an email address. 

Rosa was a victim of DV perpetrated by Emiliano. He currently has full custody of her son Emiliano Jr. and she would like to fight for full custody for her son and look into options for child support. 

Her son lives with her because her son does not wish to go back with dad. 

This referral is a victim in a wire fraud case. She has legal questions she needs help from an attorney who will work with her on a sliding scale. Please reach out to her for full details.