PNC came to shelter seeking assistance for a protective order. PNC is immigrant from Saudi Arabia and of Indian nationality. Came to the US after an arranged marriage between her parents and husbands parents. Soon after moving into parent-in-laws w/ husband who works here, husband raped PNC. Husband also has possession and control of her immigration documents. PNC is separated and not living in same house as of last update. 

Elena has two children from prior relationship. She came to the United States in or about 2017, got married to a U.S. citizen. She had to go back to Russia for family emergency. Left her children with her husband as they had to authorization from USCIS to leave the country. During this period the husband raped her 10-year-old daughter. There is a police report. She needs assistance with everything she can get. Divorce, Spousal Support, Restraining Order.