Adverse party is indicted on felony injury to a child.  The case is pending in District court.  Client is indigent and needing assistance with child support, stimulus, etc. 

Adverse party is in custody for domestic violence on client.  Client and adverse party have a child together.  Client needs help getting child support set up. 

Client is a victim of AFV. She is a single mom. She shares a child with the defendant. She does not have any income coming in. She is unemployed. She has been trying to find a job, but no luck. She is currently living with her father. She is interested in a house voucher and any assistance she can get with finding a place for her & her 1 year old. She is also wanting help with finding a job.

Client is needing rental assistance. Can't afford to pay rent at the place she is living at and considering moving if she could find a cheap enough place. Client is also having trouble paying electricity bill.

Applicant would like assistance with an immigration/U-Visa matter. She is VAWA eligible. Applicant is a victim of sexual assault and domestic violence. She lived in Bryan, Texas with her husband but has since fled to Austin.
Applicant does not speak English - She speaks Arabic only.

The defendant in this case, Gary Logan assaulted the victim. She stated that she needs help with access to housing. She has been staying at a hotel. She states that she is has severe medical issues as well.

Extreme domestic violence victim, including kidnapping, torture, rape, stalking, over extended period of time. Secondary victimization, police not believing her or offering appropriate assistance. Victim was victimized in multiple counties. Victim lives in constant fear of the defendant. Victim needs help with permanent housing, disability re-establishment, mental health. Has history of homelessness and drug abuse (self medicating, when unable to get Mental Health meds). Is currently inpatient at Woodlands Spring Hospital. Is seeking to do an extended daily outpatient program with them.