How We Can Help

Our Network can help crime victims find the legal services they need to help them recover from the effects of victimization. We may be able to match your needs with one or more of our Partners. All you have to do is make an application with any one of our Network Partners and you can use this website to begin your search.

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You can search our directory.

Anyone can search the Network directory to find a Partner. However, only Network Partners can access full Partner Profiles which include direct referral contact information. If you are a service provider and would like to get full access to the directory, please join this network so we can collaborate to assist victims of crime in our state.  Search to see if your organization is listed in our directory. If it is, you can claim your organization's profile so you can update it. If your organization is not listed, please send us a request to join our Network by clicking here.

This is a free service.

There is no fee for searching the directory and many of our Partners provide free services to eligible clients.  Keep in mind some Partners may offer services with minimal fees to cover basic costs or those costs associated with court fees if they cannot be waived.   

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How We Can Help

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