Partner Referral Information

Instructions for Network Partner Referrals


Protocols for Sending/Receiving a Legal Referral


Step 1 – Locate a Partner
A Network Partner logs-in to the Network Referral Directory and searches for and identifies a Partner who matches the legal needs of the victim/survivor client.

Step 2 - Transmit the Pre-referral Screening Form
The referring Network Partner will transmit the Network's Legal Pre-Referral Screening Form to the selected Partner’s designated referral contact person via their preferred method (email or fax).

Please note: The Network provides a Permission to Share for Partners to get permission from victim/clients to send the Network application materials to other Network Partners. The Permission to Share allows the victim/survivor to decide when the document expires and with whom their information can be shared.

Step 3 – Receiving Partner Gives the All Clear
The receiving  Partner will review the Legal Pre-Referral Screening Form and ensure there is no ethical conflict for that Partner and then respond to the referring Partner via their preferred method (email, fax, or phone) to send the full Network Application.

Please note: In rare situations, the victim/client referred to a Network Partner may pose a conflict of interest for that Partner. If this is the case, please do not send the Network Application to that Partner. You may refer the client to another Network Partner who matches their legal needs or contact the Network hub for evaluation by calling the Project Director, Jessica Alas, at 1-844-88LS4CV (1-844-885-7428).

Step 4 – Transmit the Network Application
Once the receiving Partner has given the all clear, transmit the Network Application to the receiving partner via their preferred method (email or fax).


Forms for Partner Use Only


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