There are current sexual assault charges of a child against the defendant, Anthony Wiener. The case is going to be dismissed due to being unable to verify where the incident occurred. They cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the case happened within the state of Texas. The mother is currently filing for a divorce pro se; however she is concerned about the defendant getting visitation rights to the child.


The client is the mother of 6 children who were abused by the Adverse party. Multiple charges have been filed. The client is wanting to relinquish dad's rights, she also stated that the adverse party continues to get a disability check from one of the children, who she is caring for. She also stated that the adverse party received the stimulus check and he does not have the children. The client is relocating and was at the women's shelter with all 6 children recently. 

The client is seeking family law services, specifically child custody help. The victim was 3 years old at the time,  adverse party charged with Agg sexual assault of a child. 

Assault family violence causing injuries. The victim does not have a job, no where to live and needs counseling resources while she is trying to divorce defendant.

Client and defendant were together for 5 years. Defendant continues to harass and threaten client. Client is afraid to return to her home since defendant has been released. Client wants a Protective Order.

Client is fearful of defendant due to the incident (terroristic threat & theft charges). Defendant has been on client's property unwanted about 9 or so times. Client does not know who defendant is. Client does have trespassing signs on her property. Client did mention that she does not believe that she has the money to go through this process, but would still like to hear options that are available to her. Client wants to protect herself and her property.

Victim expressed that the relationship between her and defendant was abusive. Defendant is charged with F1 -injury to her child. Victim expressed she wanted to seek a protective order because she is worried about defendant wanting to make contact with her. Victim stated that defendant wouldn't leave her out of his sight at the beginning of this investigation. Victim stated that she found out he has told other people that they are still together, when this is not true. Victim is also concerned because she was cooperative in the investigation which ultimately aided in his arrest.