CW is a victim of Aggravated Sexual Assault and Assault with a Deadly weapon. She is a Spanish speaker and needing assistance with U-Visa information and I think counseling might help her. She has been given a victim impact statement and cvc packet. She may need assistance in filling them out. I have given her extra resources, but this she would be open to someone reaching out to her for help. She also responds to email if she does not answer her phone- 


Benedict Gbessay is a victim of felony family violence - Agg Assault Deadly Weapon. Mr. Gbessay has a current emergnecy protective order. The apartment manager he presented the vacate statute to- disregarded it and told him they did not need to follow that statute and if he vacated he would be responsible for the remainder of the rent on the lease agreement. He needs some assistance with helping to enforce the statute that he qualifes for.

Maire E Manning has been on-going abusive marriage. She and her husband are separated. Have 3 children togehter.  They have been separated for a while now. She does not have child support. Has filled out an online form for divorce. It does not provide for children custody or child support. Mr.Devlin has a good job, and could possibly provide insurance and child support. Ms. Maire E Manning is afraid of Mr.

Client was assaulted by a former friend. Client made a police report about the assault and has been afraid to leave the house because the perpetrator continues to drive by his house threateningly, almost daily. Client is afraid for his own safety and the safety of his family.

This is not a domestic violence case.