Client needs assistance with divorce. She was married 29 years ago in Honduras, husband now lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Applicant would like assistance with both divorce and PO matters.  OP has filed for divorce in Hidalgo County where the parties lived and own property.  Applicant is currently in Brazoria county - two months - but wants to proceed in the Hidalgo County action as she plans to move back there.  

Parties have 5 children together.  1 adult child, 4 minor children.  OP SA three COM (two minors, one adult child) of the marriage.  Details to be relayed after confirmation of referral.  

client seeking legal aid to get a divorce, client has suffered DV and does not have the means to hire a private attorney.

Victim is a DV survivor who has several family violence reports with our agency.  Suspect is currently in Harris County Jail.  Victim has since moved to Lufkin, Texas.  Victim filed for a divorce on her own today in Angelina County.  Victim states she as told she needs a divorce waiver.  Victim seeking assistance with obtaining and completing said waiver.  Victim also would like to keep her new address/location confidential from the suspect. 

Client requests help with her current divorce process from abusive spouse. All she has left is to sign her divorce papers but requests help in looking over everything and for legal advice pertaining to her current possible VAWA/U-Visa case regarding the Domestic Violence.