Ms. Fernandez is currently living in a hotel Pasadena, TX, with her elementary aged grandchildren.  Ms. Fernandez advised the mother of the children died on 02/3/2023 in Louisiana.  Ms. Fernandez stated she was advised she has to wait to see how her daughter's death is going to be ruled on by the coroner before the state of Louisiana offers her any assistance.  Ms. Fernandez is currently working as a door dasher and living in the hotel is not sustainable.  Aside from housing assistance, Ms. Fernandez is in need of legal assistance to help her obtain legal custody of her grandchildren.  Ms.

My client is fleeing her abusive husband. They both reside in the state of Oklahoma and she fled to Texas were she found a safe haven. The abuse has been on going and she currently has a 5 year protective order out of Oklahoma. She would like to get a divorce and custody of the children.