Tenant, Ms. Alvarado Galo returned to her apartment February 11 and discovered locks were changed. She received no notice (nothing posted in writing nor did she receive any verbal notice) of intent to change locks. I, as her social services case manager, called apartment office with tenant Monday, February 14 to request a key and a statement of past due rent, explaining that I am working on rental assistance with her and proof of past due rent is necessary to apply for assistance. We spoke with Diana at apartment office who said she will talk to her manager about key request.

Diocelina's apartment flooded on the middle of the night of October 25th morning of October 26th 2021. She had to clean it herself and be without water all day on October 26th. Apartment complex representatives refused to allow her to stay in a hotel while her apartment was getting dried, telling her that if she did, the apartments would not reimburse at the same time she was without water. The apartment has yet to be fixed or cleaned properly after being flooded with a significant amount of water and the original reason the apartment flooded has not been properly fixed as of 11/08/2021.

Diocelina is a trafficking victim whose pimp was recently indicted and arrested. Diocelina has received threats as the subjects believe she is the sole responsible for the arrest. 

There are people who are aware of her home address who are involved and she does not feel safe. She lives there with her three young children and is afraid of retaliation. 

She is seeking assistance with breaking her lease to move for her safety and that of her children. 

Victim is fearful defendant may be able to get out on bond soon. She is trying to move before then, may need help as her landlord is requesting proof of her victimization. I have sent her a 30 day notice to vacate, a copy of the conditions of bond that include no contact, and a copy of the indictment. Victim has an attorney helping with her divorce, but the attorney sent her to contact a court in Harris Co to file her own protective order, when she did that, she was told to go online to complete a toolkit. She is very confused about the process and needs help.

Client states apartment complex has told her verbally she has 30 days to move out. The apartment complex stated they will not give her an eviction letter "so that it does not go on her record". She has been approached twice about 30 days to move out. The complex is stating her children were making too much noise in the afternoon while playing outside. 

Client is seeking advice on how to move forward. 

Client is owner of home. Ex b/f still resides in home. Previous DV by him with her. She has filed eviction and needs assistance, even if just to walk her through the process. Hearing date is 10/26.