Client seeking Divorce/SAPCR. Husband currently resides in Galveston. Client intends to move to Brazoria county by end of month. DV present in relationship. 

Ms. Lara is seeking assistance with a divorce, no children. She was a victim of domestic violence in 2019, but is not currently a victim.  She is living in Galveston County and is not earning sufficient income to employ counsel.  She does have adverse parties address. 

Client needs a SAPCR for one minor child (currently receiving ECI services). There are no existing SAPCR orders in place at this time. There is a history of family violence and protective orders are in place until 2071 for client and until age 18 for the minor. Abuser has pending charge for Assault of a Family member as a result of incident of abuse against client. AVDA identified this case as high risk. Client is at 21% of poverty level.

Applicant seeking PO/Divorce/SAPCR. Applicant resides in Galveston County. Respondent is in Hardin County. Physical, sexual, and emotional DV present in the relationship.